Just like the Servant #3 in my last blog post (link). How many of us are bound and chained up by fear that we do nothing?

  • Fear can leave you in a crippled state and slowly killing the gifts that God has put inside of you.

  • Fear stops you from giving your tithes because you do not believe God will give it back.

  • Fear stops you from paying the bill in full because you think you will not have enough money in your wallet for other things.

Throw fear out of the window and walk in faith, believing that the principles of God are still alive!

I have good news! God will never waste the seed. As you can see, he gave away the Servants seed to another servant who was a better steward. So do not get upset if you seed your neighbor with a new house, car, family, job, raise, etc. Instead, get in alignment with what God has made you responsible for and work it as unto the Lord. You can do it!

Ask your self? What have I wasted/mishandled?

This may be your house; this can be your car, your job, the amount of money he has given you, your family, or anything else. Are you a good steward over these areas?

Everyone wants to be blessed, everyone wants a harvest, and everyone wants to get a large amount of money. God has blessings and rewards in heaven, waiting to drop them down on earth for you.

But wait, there is a difference between a gift and a reward. A gift is free and is usually a gesture of someone's kindness towards you. Rewards come as a result of something you have done. God is the owner of your finances, and you are the manager of them.

  • You're responsible for the planning

  • You're responsible for the management

  • You're responsible for going out into the world and putting your gifts, your talents, and your abilities to good use.

You may be asking, where do I start? Make a decision to do your job as unto the Lord, budget your money carefully, give without expecting anything back. You can do it, and you can receive abundance with just a little attention to how you steward your life and money. Until next time,

Live Abundantly

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